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Britton's Birth Story

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
I have been meaning to get on here and write out Britton's birth story for awhile now. The past few weeks have been very busy though...we've been getting settled in with our incredible new addition! Finally though, I have the time to get it all down. So here goes!

We were really hoping that Britton would make her entrance into the world on a weekend. The way that Josh's time off was going to work, he wouldn't get his paternity time off right away. So, if I had her on a weekend, Josh wouldn't miss anything. Since we were having a 4 day weekend for the 4th of July, we thought that would be perfect. We tried just about every trick within reason, trying to get things moving. Britton wasn't having it though. 

On July 6th (a Wednesday) I took a nap during the day. When I woke up, it felt like Britton had turned. Her back was originally on my left side...feet and hands on the right side. I could tell because her feet and hands were constantly kicking and punching on my right side, plus the doctor confirmed it. But when I woke up, her kicks and punches were being felt on my left side. I got really concerned that was breech again, plus if she had turned breech and was so cramped at this point, I was worried about where her cord was. I called L&D and explained what was going on and they told me to come in for observation. My grandmother was here, and stayed with Anistyn while Josh and I went up to the hospital.

Once there, we met with Dr. Thai. I don't remember her Army rank, but she's "way up there" and is the doctor who is in charge of every other doctor there who is also in the Army. So basically...she's the one who makes all the final decisions. She was amazing and I was so thankful that she was on duty that night.

She did an ultrasound and found that Britton was not breech! She had "twirled" though, which is why I was feeling the kicks on the other side. Such a little ballerina already. Her cord was fine and so was she! Dr. Thai then started looking over my records and due date. She went ahead and scheduled an induction date for Tuesday, July 12th. I then told her all about Josh's schedule and she decided to "help" as much as she could. So she stripped my membranes again, since Dr. Barrett had done it previously, but nothing had happened. It was painful, but we were hoping that meant good things! When we left, I was at 2cm, but not effaced.

I started bleeding right away, but thats very normal after a stripping. I went home, and started bouncing on the yoga ball, and walking around. The next day was Thursday and I started having contractions on and off throughout the day. I know the rule though...the 5-1-1 rule. Contractions need to be 5 minutes apart, 1 minute in length, for one hour...blah blah. Mine were sporadic. Josh got home at 4 that day, so I told him I wanted to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill to get things going. So, Josh did his workout while I walked. I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes walking pretty fast...and they started. The painful ones. I kept my walk up though, knowing that that was what I needed to do to get things going. The whole time I was singing that song "I am woman...hear me roar!" Ha. Once we were done at the gym, I told Josh we should go home and get our things together. If the contractions lasted for an hour, we would go in. So we went home, showered, and did our final packing. All the while I was working through painful contractions, so we headed in. 

The contractions were so intense. When we got to the hospital, they checked me and I was still at 2 cm. They started monitoring me to see if I would progress. My contractions were sooo painful. The doctor said since my hips are so small, the pain would be really intense for me...and he was right. After two hours of monitering, they checked me again...but I was still at 2cm. So they monitored me for another hour and gave me some morphine to help with the pain. Only it didn't. An hour later...there was still no progression and they wanted to send me home. I was devastated. I also didn't like the doctor who was on call then. He just acted like the pain didn't matter. He came in and told me since I wasn't in active labor there was no need for me to be there. But...it sure felt pretty active to me! He then told me they don't like to induce at that hospital. Therefore...I asked if that were the case, then why did I have an induction scheduled? He didn't really know what to say to that except "Um...you do?" When I said yes, he just said "Well...I guess it just depends on the doctor." Then I told him that I wasn't really in the mood to sit there and have a conversation..so if I was going to be sent home, then just send me home. While I do understand NOW what they were trying to do...its very hard to understand when you're in so much pain! 

So I went home and decided I would just try to wait it out. Josh went to bed and I took a bath which eased things temporarily. When I got out though, the pain was horrific. My grandmother was awake with me and we decided to go back up to the hospital together. I didn't want to wake Josh, because if they sent me home again, he was going to have to go into work. 

When we got there, they checked me and I was at 3cm! So they monitored me for another hour to see if I would progress more. An hour later I was at 4cm so they decided to admit me! My grandmother left then to stay with Anistyn and let Josh come up to the hospital. He got up there right as the anesthesiologist was giving me the epidural. Once I got that, I got settled in and was ready to wait until I was at 10cm. Josh and I fell asleep then and I was so thankful for some rest!

At 8am Dr. Parker came into the room. She was the doctor who had flipped Britton out of the breech position and I was so thankful to see a familiar face! Dr. Barrett couldn't get up to the hospital, so she was going to be the doctor who delivered Britton. She checked me and I was at 8 1/2 cm, fully dialated, and I had a bulging water bag. She said she was going to pop my water for me and she didn't think it would be too much longer after that. So, she did that and left the room while we waited. I felt a lot of pressure a little while later, and I knew then that it was time. I still remembered that feeling from Anistyn. I told the nurse it was time and she went and got Dr. Parker. 

I had Josh on my left side, a nurse on my right, and then the doctor in the front along with the baby nurse waiting on Britton. It was such a relaxing delivery. My contractions spaced out a lot during the delivery so I would push 3 or 4 times, then we would all just hang out chit chatting for about 5 minutes until the next ones came along. I said a lot of pretty funny stuff in the meantime. Josh was amazing through the whole thing. He helped me push and didn't "stand back near my head" like we thought he would. He was actually amazed by the entire event and watched EVERYTHING, ha. He got to watch her come out and once she did, he cut the cord. I'll never forget that moment. I got to see him fall in love with our daughter. One of the best moments of my life. 

The delivery was such a breeze and I didn't need any stitching. Britton weighed 6'6 and her daddy held her first. 

A little while later we moved into another room. Britton instantly did great at breastfeeding. My grandmother brought Anistyn up to the hospital so she could meet her little sister. Seeing the two of them together was amazing. We were both doing so great that they let us go home the very next day! 

Life with two girls is perfection. Anistyn is an amazing little helper and Britton is such a great baby. I am working hard to master breastfeeding. Josh is also incredible with Britton. He changes diapers and everything. He's so hands on with her. I love listening to him talk to her...he calls her "Monkey".  

All in all, Britton is the perfect addition to our family. I can't wait to watch her grow...but I also want to freeze this time with her!

Guess whose here!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Britton McKenzie was born on July 8th at 9:30am! She's been such a great baby so far and we are so in love with her. She weighed 6'6 and was 19 inches long. We were able to go home from the hospital the very next day and have been adjusting ever since! I'll be posting her birth story soon!

38 weeks!

Monday, July 4, 2011
Well, the last week has been very eventful...and then very uneventful!

I met with Dr. Parker last Tuesday to discuss flipping Britton. She informed me that they wouldn't induce that weekend, but that she could go ahead and try to flip Britton out of the breech position. So she made some calls and scheduled me to go to the hospital the very next morning to do the procedure. The other doctors had told me she would induce right afterwards...but she said she didn't need to. 

So Wednesday morning I went to the hospital. Once in the room, they gave me a shot to relax my muscles and then they put mineral oil on my stomach. Then, from the outside of my stomach, the doctor started to turn the baby from breech to head down. Talk about pain....OW! 

She literally had to lift Britton's bottom out of my pelvis, then twist her body around. Man, did it take my breath away. It was hard to breathe since she was on all of my organs at one point, ha. But...in the end it was worth it because it really only took about a minute and they were able to get her into the head down position! At one point though, she had gotten Britton halfway turned and lost her grip...so Britton went right back to the breech position. Luckily, the second time worked like a charm! 

They monitered me for a bit to make sure everything was okay, and then the doctor checked me. I was at 1cm, ,but still not effaced. 

So Thursday afternoon, I went and met with my regular doctor, Dr. Barrett. I was really hoping for any help with getting Britton to come this weekend, since Josh would have been able to be there the whole entire time. I got my membranes stripped and when checked again, I was now at 2cm. I left that appointment hopeful that Britton would be here soon!

So...here I sit, on July 4th...still pregnant. This little girl is just snug. But...if she's not ready then I definitely don't want to force her. I had just hoped she would have been ready by now! 

She can come anytime now and I have contraction on and off...but it seems like the moment I get excited and start timing them...they go away. I'm telling you...this girl is just like her father!

Here I am at 38 weeks...anxious and ready to meet our little girl. Come on Britton!

Full term!

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks and considered full term...YES!!

We MIGHT have a plan for delivery...I just have to wait until Tuesday to find out for sure. There's a bit of a problem. 

Josh is supposed to get 10 days of paternity leave. Since he's in a training class for now though, he can't miss 10 days of class, which I completely understand. So, we were going to cut it up and have him take the 2 days in the hospital, then the remaining 8 once he was out of training. No biggie right? Wrong...

He was just told this past week that he can't cut up his ten days. He HAS to take them consecutively. But he still can't take them while he's in training. So, pretty much...his choices are to either 1. Take the two days in the hospital and just forget about the other 8 days altogether. OR 2. Take the 10 days once his training is over with. Its irritating only because I want him there for the birth of our child! 

I don't want him to miss his 10 days. Every soldier LOVES when they get any leave time and Josh deserves it. Plus, I know he wants to take those days off so he  can spend time with all of us, especially his new daughter. So, I had a doctor's appt last Thursday and decided to go in and ask if there was any way to induce on the 1st of July. I would be full term, and it would be a long weekend, so Josh wouldn't miss anything...and STILL be able to keep his 10 days!

Now...onto the doctor's appt. 

I went in and saw Dr. Jeffries first. I was hooked up to the NST machine again and monitered for about 30 minutes. I got to hear Britton's heartbeat the whole time...and even her hiccup. So cute! Then, he did an ultrasound to check her amniotic fluid level, which was great. I got checked, and have not dialated or effaced at all...this baby girl seems pretty snug! There's only one problem...she has not flipped head down and therefore...she's still breech.

Dr. Jeffries is now sending me to another doctor, Dr. Parker. I am going to meet with her on Tuesday to discuss flipping Britton into the head down position. From what he told me, they're going to want to flip Britton and then possibly induce. She'll want to do this because if she gets Britton flipped, they want to induce so that she doesn't have the chance to flip right back into the breech position. If the procedure doesn't work...they'll want to do a csection  more than likely, because at that point...they will have "messed" with Britton so much that she could be irritated and the things could happen, like the cord could be anywhere...and they want to get her out safely. I'll know more about the procedure and what will happen on Tuesday when I meet with Dr. Parker.

I then went and saw Dr. Barrett...the doctor who will be delivering Britton. I talked with her about the procedure and she said there's a good likelyhood they could do it on the 1st...which would mean Josh would get to be there no matter what. So, I'm now anxious for my appointment on Tuesday to see where we go from there! I do hope that Dr. Parker will be on board with doing it on the 1st though. Its so important that Josh is there!

Other than that, I am definitely feeling OVERLY pregnant. I don't think my stomach could get any bigger. I am getting really uncomfortable and Britton is still moving around a lot, which I don't mind of course...but there's not much room so it makes for a lot of stretching. I also fell down the stairs before my appt last Thursday. Thankfully, I fell on my bottom and Britton was just fine. Its just made me extra achy!

Doctors Appt...

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Last Thursday I went to my lovely, now weekly, doctor's appointment. I actually had two to get to. One was for the OBGYN who wanted to check on my thyroid. The second was with my original doctor who will be delivering Britton.

The OB's name is Dr. Jeffries and he will be monitering me weekly from here on out. Technically, they are saying I am "high risk"...although the only reason they are saying that is because of my thyroid. As far as the baby goes...everything is perfect. He was a really sweet doctor, who first did an ultrasound to check on the amniotic fluid, which looked great. Its good to know that Britton still has plenty of fluid in there. Although...she is worrying me since we discovered that the little stinker has decided to flip again...so she is now back to the head UP position! The doctor didn't seem too concerned and said that she still has time to flip back down. If she hasn't flipped again by next Thursday, they will help her flip back.

They also hooked me up to an NST machine to see how if her heartrate changed any with her movements. It was perfect the whole time. The doctor came in to check on it at one point, and he looked at me and said "Are you feeling those?" I said "Um...feel what?" He replied "You're having contractions...you don't feel them?" I thought it was crazy that I wasn't feeling them, but I think its just pre term labor. I see it as a good thing though...it means she's getting started! Now if she'll just flip, and give me another week and 2 days...I'll be ready for her to get here!

I then went to see my regular doctor. I was so excited to see her since she had been gone for a month delivering babies at Fort Bragg. We basically just went over the basics, including what to do when its time for Ms. Britton to make her arrival.

From now on, I'll go see both doctors every week...and they will continue to check the amniotic fluid and do the NST test. 

I still feel pretty good. I really don't mind being pregnant right now. I remember at this point with Anistyn, just crying because I was soooo done. With Britton, I'm just anxious and so ready to meet her!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Well, here we are at 35 weeks! Two more weeks until I'm considered full term! Woohoo!

The last week or so I have had ZERO energy to get anything done. I've had my list of things to do around the house. Clean Britton's room out, which had a ton of baby stuff just strewn around the place. Clean the house spotless. Get the items needs for my hospital bag...etc. 

So yesterday, I got up...and got to cleaning! I don't know where this bought of energy has suddenly come from...but boy am I glad its here! I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. Washed all of Britton's clothes. Cleaned her room and put everything in its place. 

Today, I drove 45 minutes to a Target. It was the only Target around me with the right baby swing. I also got a nursing bra and little bottles of shampoo/conditioner...etc to pack and have with me in the hospital. It feels so good to be ready! There are only a few more things to get ready, so by the time I'm full term I'll be ready to go! 

I have my doctor's appt tomorrow, and I'm hoping I am progressing a little bit. I don't want to be in labor or anything just yet...I just hope we're in the beginning stages of getting ready for her!

Also...I had my ultrasound done last week. Previously, they had been concerned about her weight. They thought she was measuring small. But at 34 weeks baby Britton was weighing 5 pounds and 3 ounces...perfect! I wasn't worried anyways, since I'm so small..but it was great to know she's getting nice and plump!

And....here are two pictures of me! The first is at 34 weeks in my bikini...YES I was actually wearing it. I actually snapped the picture for my sister, haha. The second picture is me at 35 weeks!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I can't believe what a slacker I've been on my baby blog. I hope Britton will forgive me! I have a lot to update on!

I am now in week 32. I can't believe that in around 8 weeks I will be having her in my arms! It is so surreal. I am so excited about experiencing it with Josh, along with just meeting this squirmy little girl.

I met with the nutritionist a few weeks ago. He was a hilarious guy and I learned a lot from him. He asked what my daily eating habits were like, and then from there he suggested different things to add more calories to my "diet." I learned I needed to eat more fruit, one more serving of veggies a day...that sort of thing. But we constructed a "daily meal plan" that makes it so easy to achieve. I find that when I have something written out...its a lot easier to do. In the morning, I usually just have a bowl of cereal. Now, I've been adding 2 eggs and yogurt to it, and its been working! He wanted me to gain 2 pounds every week from now on. At my last appointment, which was just a week later, I had gained 3 pounds! So, lets hope all my eating pays off!

My doctor is currently at Fort Bragg delivering babies, so in the meantime I am being seen by another doctor. I went to see him two weeks ago and he reviewed my thyroid results. They were pretty weird. Apparently, if anything, it looks like I would have HYPO thyroidism, not HYPER. Which would make no sense. Hyperthyroidism basically means your thyroid works overtime, so its hard to gain weight. Hypo means that your thyroid doesn't work as much, so its hard to lose weight. So, I'm being sent to another doctor for more reviews of that. I'm also being sent to get a growth ultrasound done, since Britton is measuring small. I'm not worried about that though...she barely has room to grow since I'm so tiny.

All in all, I'm still feeling pretty good. My feet tend to swell if I'm on them too much, and acid reflux is my worst nightmare at the moment. However, when I sit down and feel those kicks and jabs...it makes all the discomfort vanish for the moment. Josh was so cute the other night. He was whispering to my tummy "Kick mommy"...and then Britton would start squirming around. She seems to really respond to him! I'm thinking she might become a daddy's girl. Not that I could blame her...he's a good guy to have wrapped around your finger!

I will be sure to write more next week...and also update with a picture!